Why I Think Will Smith Was Right

Why I Think Will Smith Was Right

“It’s only TWO FLOORS, think of the STEPS”.

The comment was aimed at me. I was waiting in the lift lobby of my building, to go down two floors. I get it, I do. Outwardly, I look like a normal, healthy 34-year-old person. But I suffer from endometriosis, which renders me so anaemic, taking iron orally doesn’t work. My blood iron level is so low, I have iron infusions in hospital. People don’t particularly think that is serious.

“Oh eat a bit of steak and you’ll be alright”, people ignorantly advise me. Ask your anaemic friend how embarrassing it is trying to get upstairs. The symptoms of having REALLY low iron are not mild at all, and can actually be terrifying. Breathlessness, chest pain, feeling like you are suddenly going to pass out. And the chances are if you do suffer from an underlying chronic illness, not only are you probably severely anaemic, but you are probably severely anaemic quite often, depending on how your condition is managed.

Endometrioses also helpfully comes with chronic pain. It’s hard to describe really but on a good day, it is like being kicked in the little girl and stabbed with a fire knife. On a bad day, the pain is that severe you wish for death. If you knew someone struggled with a condition like this through no fault of their own, you would want to help, right?

Apparently, not everyone feels the same. Of course, people don’t see alopecia as “serious” but I don’t think you get to make that distinction when you have never suffered from it. Making a joke about something someone CAN NOT help is indefensible. If Jada Pinkett-Smith had lost her hair due to cancer treatment, the whole world would be applauding Will Smith right now, for punching Chris Rock.

I say this, as someone who has been on the receiving end of many a slap in my younger days, for saying horrible stuff: make a joke about something like that, expect a slap.

Over the last few years, I have noticed that people’s “take” on social media has become more and more toxic. My tipping point was when someone on the Stanford Le Hope Facebook page said the Vietnamese migrants deserved to die for trying to come over illegally. Yes, we have created a culture where people not only think those views are ok, they think it is ok to air them publicly.

All this indicates to me is that NOT ENOUGH people are getting slapped to be perfectly honest. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

Not only do we have to hear everyone’s awful takes, but everyone with alopecia or similar health conditions have to stand by and watch as their experience is completely invalidated by the ableist crew who are happy to scream “NO VIOLENCE”, while safely living their lives in healthy bodies without any imperfections thrust upon them by illness. I truly understand that some people are against any form of violence in general, and that’s a nice luxury to have, if you don’t have someone making a joke about your health condition in front of millions of people.

Jada Pinkett-Smith might be famous, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get upset and self-conscious about her alopecia.

And just because people look perfectly healthy, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a fully valid reason for them to be using the lift, or wearing a “please offer me a seat” badge, so instead of judging, just be nice, because you have no idea what struggles they go through daily and how upsetting they are.

So that’s my take, my version of being allowed my “free speech”, and if someone wants to give me a slap for it, that’s fine.

If you enjoy my content, I would always appreciate being treated to a coffee as I very rarely make income from this blog.



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