PERSONAL POST: Things I’ve Loved and Hated in August

Typical me. No sooner had I told my friends on the group chat the other day that I was going to cut back on blogging, then the urge to write struck me like it hasn’t for a long time. I’ve been through a lot of health issues recently finding out I was coeliac, so it hasn’t been the first thing on my mind. But thankfully, I am on the mend, I am getting used to my new gluten-free diet and I am actually feeling quite optimistic about the future. I thought I would ease myself in a bit with a little personal post on my loves and hates in August so far!

Loves it

If I like a TV show I will literally lose a whole day/night to it. The last TV show I simply HAD to watch to the detriment of sleep was Stranger Things, and before that to be honest it was probably Squid Game but nothing else has made that big of an impression. The other day, I was doing my casual browsing on NowTV, and I came across the remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, simply called “Bel Air”. If anything, I thought it would be a light little watch to shove on in the background while I worked from home. I wasn’t expecting much, due to the quality remakes tend to have in general these days, but I was absolutely blown away by how good it was. It is definitely worth watching, and I have to say, I personally thought it was better than the original.

You will probably read this and think “wow how much time does this girl spend watching TV” and I am not going to lie, recently it’s a LOT while recovering from my health issues. One of the things I have most enjoyed out of the most recent technological innovations is new films being available on-demand at the same time they are in the cinema. Because who WOULDN’T prefer watching a film with no bra on with their fluffy blanket? I decided to give the Elvis film a go, not because I like Elvis particularly, but because I love films about how people got famous and also because Baz Lurhmann is a genius.

I’ve never seen Tom Hanks in a bad film, so I wasn’t expecting this to be bad, but it was INCREDIBLE. Some people might not appreciate Baz Lurhmann’s fast style and anachronistic use of hip hop and rap music, but I certainly did. Now let’s be honest, they glossed over a lot of Elvis’s bad traits, and he met Priscilla when she was 14 which is absolutely gross, but this is my now second favourite Baz Lurhmann film. Of course, Romeo + Juliet is my first.

The last thing I have been enjoying over the last month, since I have been told they will help me put some weight on (which is really important), is Strawberry Milkshakes. I make mine with Nesquik Milkshake and Lacto Free Full Fat Milk. Because I currently have severe gastritis, I have to eat and drink a really scaled back diet for a few weeks until it all heals up in there (because the coeliac was undetected for so long it did quite some damage0, but luckily I can have milkshake which makes me very happy.

Hates it

Well, as you have probably already read on my little lifestyle blog if you are a regular, or seen me Tweet about it, you will know that I recently found out that I was coeliac. When I first got told, I honestly didn’t think I would struggle too much adapting to a gluten-free diet. But then I realised they sneak gluten into LOADS of things. I’ve honestly tasted some absolutely awful free-from foods over the last few weeks, but gluten-free crumpets were definitely the worst.

Another thing I am considerably disliking this month is the amount of hospital appointments I have. My local hospital is a bus/Uber ride away and it is costing me a fortune at the moment, but it is looking like the 7th of September is my last appointment then as soon as m gastritis heals as long as I keep away from gluten I will be fully well and healthy in a few weeks, and more well than I have been in about three years.

As we have already established how much I enjoy watching films, I do feel like I might potentially also have the authority to tell you all when I have seen a bad film as well as a good one. I noticed the other night on NowTV there was a remake of “Father of The Bride” with Andy Garcia. It’s terrible. I actually turned it off, and it take a LOT for me to turn a film off!

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